Thursday, August 4, 2011


I bought these at Nordstrom a few months ago. They were way out of my budge, but I absolutely love them! They are the most comfortable, well made flats out there. I originally bought the black ones with the brown strap(?), but felt like they were too "old-lady-ish". These are updated with the freshness of rose gold. Every time I pull them out, I feel special. 

Love her hair....

And this dress..

Ah, yes...paradise! This is a picture of Lake George, NY, just a short drive away from where I grew up. It's at a small, not so famous beach that I used to go to all the time. 

Ha! I saw this and had to *click*

Carazay seats at the Rockies game!

And the Rocky Mountains! Yes, in the second photo that's a moose!

Hot shoes...blurry photo :(

Home sweet home

Soooo good!

Too much fun....

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